Its curry tasting time        
  The first tasting session for Swindon’s annual curry competition has taken place – but there wasn’t an Indian restaurant in sight.  

This year, for the first time, the contest, which is backed by the Chartered Institute of Environmental Health, was open to all food outlets that can cook a curry, not just Indian and Asian restaurants.

Entrant have to present a main dish, a side dish and rice or bread dish for judging on the basis of appearance, aroma, texture and taste.


The judges – curry lover Melvyn Blackman, Howard Taylor of GWR, environmental health officer Lionel Starling and Evening Advertiser reporter Bhavani Vadde tasted three diverse dishes in three very different settings.

They started off in the Spice Express a takeaway in Purton.

Chef Jamal Miah served up a sweet cinnamon chicken curry, shahi pilau rice and a begum bortha, which was grilled aubergine cooked in yogurt and spices.

All entrants had to pass a spot check to make sure they reached the required hygiene standards before judges tasted their wares.